Get Funding Fit

Enlist a Grant Funding specialist to take your sports, health or wellbeing project to the next level and score grant funding.

Unlock grant funding success by adding a strategic player to your team to manage the grant application process.

Our Project Directors manage development planning, stakeholder engagement, budgeting and project timing.

Our Grant Writers then craft an award-worthy application for your sports, health or community project.

Project Directors

We provide an expert Project Director to collaborate with your Team to manage the grant funding application process.

Every Moment Counts

Streamlined process for info gathering, development planning, stakeholder & supplier engagement, budgets and timelines.

Big Picture

We bring together the vision of each Club, Organisation or Group's project into a compelling business case for grant funding.

Achieve Grant Funding Success

We believe that grant funding for sports, health and wellbeing projects is a great way to empower Clubs, Organisations and Community Groups to improve outcomes, including facilities and infrastructure upgrades, and helping each project achieve great results — in an accessible, inclusive, safe and uplifting environment.

Health Programs

Expert planning and definition of well-crafted grant funding applications for sports, healthcare and wellbeing programs.

Community Goals

We help community organisations unlock grant funding opportunities through strategic planning aligned to Grant Funding Calendars.

Funding Success

Ensure your sports, healthcare or wellbeing project has the best opportunity for grant funding success with Collision of Awesome.

Sports & Health Grant Funding Enquiries

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Win Big For Your Team

Not sure what to apply for? If you're looking for inspiration on the latest sports and health grant funding opportunities, check out our funding news page.

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