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Posted: 16 January 2023 by Collision of Awesome

The First Nations Commissioning Fund is focused on investing in opportunities that share First Nations stories and cultural knowledge and elevate awareness of Queensland’s exceptional First Nations arts and cultural products and experiences.

The First Nations Commissioning Fund supports the development and presentation of new work and cultural programs by individual First Nations artists, arts workers collectives and organisations. It's designed to strengthen skills development, provide new employment opportunities for First Nations artists and arts worker; and to grow the pipeline of high-quality First Nations arts, cultural products, and experiences.

Single-year projects—up to $70,000 for projects and programs for up to 12 months.

Two-year projects—up to $150,000 (open to applications in January 2023) for projects and programs that need a larger and/or longer scale of development of up to two years and include presentation and/or distribution.

Additional funding available

PLUS up to $60,000 towards a First Nations full-time industry placement for 12-months (or a pro rata equivalent for part-time) with a focus on arts management and/or arts production.

PLUS up to $10,000 towards commissioning new music by Queensland-based First Nations composers, musicians or librettists as part of your project.

Eligible Funding Activities

The Fund supports applications from individuals andorganisations for First Nations-led arts and cultural projects and programs at different stages ofdevelopment from consultation and planning, and creative development, through to production,presentation, and distribution.In addition, applicants have the option to apply for additional funding towards a First Nationsindustryplacement as part of the project, and/or the commissioning of new live or recorded music as part of theproject.

Assessment Criteria

The Fund Assessment Panel, comprised of 100% First Nations representation, will assess applications againstthe following criteria, which aligns with the General Funding Guidelines criteria:

High quality

• Creative idea or concept is innovative and will deliver high quality First Nations arts and culturalwork

• Professionals involved are highly skilled and well regarded• Includes collaborators and partners who will help create great cultural outcomes

Strong impact

• Creates new employment opportunities and skills development for First Nations artists and artsworkers in Queensland

• Builds new audiences and markets and reputation for First Nations arts and cultures

• Responds to community needs and helps deliver government priorities including the principles ofthe Cultural Engagement Framework.

PLUS up to $10,000 towards commissioning new music by Queensland-based First Nations composers, musicians or librettists as part of your project.

• Demonstrates value for money, sound governance, and ethical business practices, including paying amount not less than industry award rates, recommended or agreed minimum rates, and adhering to cultural protocols

• Proposed activity has a strong delivery plan including understanding potential risks and theirmanagement

• Will contribute to the sustainability and growth of the First Nations arts and cultural sector inQueensland.

Check out all the eligibility criteria and explore details on how to bolster your team with funding opportunities towards full-time placement of arts professionals for your group or organisation:

Key Dates and Deadlines

Round 2 closes 13 March 2023, 12pm. Notification from 15 May and Activity start date from 5 June 2023.

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