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We are grant funding application specialists. We love collaborating with businesses, organisations and communities to bring together transformative projects which create positive change and are culturally enriching.

We've secured millions of dollars in grant funding for arts, cultural, entertainment, technology, sports and health grant funding projects.

This includes music festivals and tours, films, multiplatform entertainment, artist development, technology innovation, interactive education, sports, healthcare, sustainability, and social good projects.

We dream big to bring smashing ideas to life.

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Collision of Awesome is helmed by Pete Gately, an accomplished Grants Consultant, Strategy Director and award-winning writer, who also holds a degree in Advanced Common Sense.

With over twenty years experience developing and delivering large-scale projects across numerous business sectors, enquire how we can devise an award-winning strategy to unlock grant funding for your next project and ensure it becomes a measurable success.

Pete Gately, Writer

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Australian Grant Funding Consultants and Grant Writers, based in New South Wales, Australia.

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