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Collision of Awesome specialises in the development of grant submissions for creative industries, the arts, and technology innovation projects.  

Do you want to ensure your next project stands out above the rest and gets funded?

Harness our wealth of experience devising award-winning grant submissions and artistic project development.

Creative industries

We collaborate with artists, writers, musicians, directors, producers, managers and promoters to secure funding for music festivals and tours, multiplatform entertainment and filmed content.

Our team has also created marketing campaigns for broadcasters, TV shows and film production companies, including a multiplatform project that reached 126 countries and received an International Digital EMMY Award.

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Expert Grant Writers

Whether you want to secure a business, government, education, health, or sustainability project grant, our strategists will devise a compelling submission for your specific requirements.  

Sharply focused on strategic planning, marketing, budgets, and revenue forecasts, our record of achievement reflects a proven methodology.

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Stay informed about the latest arts and cultural funding opportunities along with industry insights from Collision of Awesome, where smashing ideas are brought to life.

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