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We are Grant funding application specialists for arts, cultural, entertainment, technology, sports and health grant funding.  

Each grant opportunity is highly competitive and grant writing is just one piece of the puzzle. To ensure your grant funding application stands out above the competition, enlist our expertise to develop your project into an award-winning grant funding application.

Sharply focused on strategic planning, marketing, revenue forecasts, budgeting, and project management, our grant funding record of achievement reflects a proven methodology.

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Arts & Cultural Grant Funding

We collaborate with artists, musicians, writers, directors, producers, managers and promoters to achieve grant funding success for arts and cultural projects, including music tours, multi-art festivals,  live entertainment and music artist development.

Our team have developed successful grant funding applications for multiplatform entertainment, TV shows, film production and interactive games companies, including a project which reached 126 countries and won an International Digital EMMY Award.

Find out more about how we can develop an award-winning grant funding strategy for your next project.

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Sports & Health
Grant Funding

Sports and health grant funding provides great opportunities to take your project to the next level.

Improve facilities, infrastructure and programs to boost your Club or Organisation’s ability to achieve great results.

Our in-depth approach involves assigning a dedicated Project Director to work closely with key stakeholders and is designed to guide each project to grant funding success.

Learn more about how we make the grant funding application process efficient and effective to unlock your project's full potential.

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Stay informed about the latest arts, cultural, entertainment and sports funding opportunities along with industry insights from Collision of Awesome, where smashing ideas are brought to life.

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Technology Innovation Grant Funding

We've achieved funding success on behalf of clients across mobile apps, online education, interactive entertainment, live events, and health care, to name a few.

We have vast experience in planning the technical and creative development of large-scale interactive projects and writing detailed grant funding applications to unlock new opportunities.

From Minimum Viable Products to fully fledged multi-faceted innovation projects, partner with Collision of Awesome to get funding fit for your next big idea.

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